Finally, in you,

I have found all of my anger

from a lifetime of abuse

and intimidation,

you have given it a face and a name.

I have nurtured the spark carefully

and fanned the flame.

I have protected it from

the cold winds of my fear

and the quiet rain of my tears

and so it grew strong.

The more you try to oppress me

the stronger you make me,

You are teaching me

and I am a willing pupil.

I learn from every raging storm

you hurl at me.

I am not afraid of you

and I will fight you

till you run from me knowing

how small and helpless

you really are behind

the bully’s mask.

Never again

will I let anyone treat me

with anything less than dignity

and respect.



17 thoughts on “Anger

      • It most definitely has! I have gotten good feedback so far. Also, I was wondering if you could check out my latest post. I am hoping to write a book one day that exposes what went through my head as a rape victim and during the healing process, and I was hoping for some critical feedback. I just want to know if it’s something anyone could relate to or find themselves in. There may be triggers, so I do want you to be aware!


      • I have been afraid of it for so long but I finally found something worth fighting for and my anger became more powerful than my fear.
        It is so hard to learn to stand up for yourself as an adult after years of abuse as I’m sure you understand.

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      • I started out just trying to tell my therapist when she did or said something I wasn’t comfortable with. When she didn’t reject me and actually encouraged me was a sort of turning point, that maybe I can stand up for myself. Do you have that kind of support with your therapist?

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      • I do, and I feel very safe with her. I could probably practice with her. That is a good idea. It is too dangerous and frustrating to not be able to stand up for yourself. It keeps us away from people and alone. This must be empowering for you!

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      • Yes, it has given me the confidence to take little steps towards being with other people. It makes a big difference feeling that I can stand up for myself a bit, that I don’t have to allow people to hurt me.
        As I now have a good therapist I have felt it important to tackle those niggly little things that feel wrong because if left they can gradually erode the trust that is so hard to build in the first place.
        It’s all a learning process 🙂

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