I live behind a locked door

in self imposed exile,

my room is my world

and if I stretch out my arms

I can almost reach

from one bare wall to the other.

Within these familiar boundaries

my books, with their words that stretch

the confines of my phobic solitude,

occupy the small places

behind the chair

and under the table

and on the threadbare rug

in the centre

is just enough space to dance.



5 thoughts on “Room

  1. This is moving and sad and beautiful! The self imposed exile I can relate to… being alone in your own world. It is excruciating and filled with deep, deep sadness. A place no one should EVER have to be. But too often abuse sends us there and we cannot find our way out. I have always longed to dance. And now I do as I play my drums. It was given to me in a rare gift I didn’t even ask for. A dance in the midst of your solitude, it is a beginning. And I hope for many more to come in wide open spaces… just for you! You are remarkable!

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I am sorry that this is your experience too but I love that you can dance to your drums. I was out in a park today with my ipod and I thought of your comment but I wasn’t brave enough to dance 🙂

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      • Well actually I am dancing (using my body to keep the beat and rhythm) while sitting on my stool (throne) as I play my drums. Its not exactly dancing but close. At least it feels safe! That is sweet that you thought of me. Someday maybe we will be brave enough to actually dance in public. This is one instance where solitude is freeing! Keep me posted ; )


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