There have been times

in my life

when people have judged me


or spoken badly of me

because they never took the time

to ask me

my point of view,

they never tried to understand

what life is like for me



I was just an easy target

for the hatred

that they had to offload

onto another hurt person

so they didn’t have to feel it


Either way

I got hurt.

So here are my shoes.

Before you judge me

or speak ill of me

put them on,

fasten them tight

and walk a mile with me.



3 thoughts on “In my shoes

    • Thank you. I’m sure that many people have been in this position at some time in their lives, it would be so much better if people walked a mile in their shoes before judging them. I have dreams of a beautiful world…..
      (I had fun making the picture and searching for all the shoes! šŸ™‚ )

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      • It has been my experience that often for others the things we experience are not a crisis until it happens to them. You are so right. And you did a great job with the picture (as you always do) ! You are so talented!

        Liked by 1 person

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