If I should cross into forsaken places…


If I should cross into forsaken places…

….what may I find?

Only the desolate ruins of a bygone life

long abandoned?

Or could there be treasures unknown

waiting in the dark places,

left behind and lost

when I ran from the memories,

when I chose the mists of oblivion?

One foot on the bridge

spanning the lies I told myself

to escape remembering,

I search within for the courage

I know I must have had to survive.

To go forward into the past,

to search and discover,

or to hide forever from myself

in a groundless future?





I see my body

stretched taut

like plucked wire

breath squeezed

and wheezing

bones snapping

skin cracking

lips shaping and

scraping dry screams from my throat

Run my brain tells my distorted body

my legs are spiny branches

tripping over sinew roots

I fall and earth chokes me

I drag myself gasping

into a pool of

morning sun.





Do my  words lead you
into the dark realms
where night is my only reality
and the waking world,
just a dream?
The past is more alive in me
than any kind words you may give,
your smiles cannot penetrate
the clouded mists of time.
Will you leave this bright day
and come with me?
I can never leave
this place of darkness
but I draw for you
a path of words
to connect you to me.