You only exist
because someone had a vision of you
they carefully constructed you
piece by piece
tightened every nut and bolt
polished your skin
till you shone
stood back and were proud
of their handiwork
Do not mistake their pride for love
their care of you
is only to reflect their own glory
you are not unique
you are not spontaneous
you are not warm or funny
and despite the similarity
of your features
you are not her
You are a moment of grief
a spasm of denial
that will pass
and then you will be
just a beautiful machine,
always owned.


The woods in autumn rain

Inspired by

Nothing stirs, nothing moves
in the still damp air
green leaves turning
to silent shades of brown
hanging lifeless from
lonely reaching branches
tears dripping down on soft earth
sparkle, then drown
in dark pools of sombre sky
smoke from a distant fire
drifts through the hushed wood
invisible and invasive
as a memory
I stand alone beneath the grieving trees
joined in sadness.


In the spaces between my words
something breathes
and cries
It’s tears run wet down my face
I can touch them there
but they flow from
some other reality
some alternate world
just as
the thing that moves when seen
from the corner of my eye
disappears when I turn to look
maybe it is some other version of me
one that remembers
one that feels
a child me displaced in time
peeping from between
the spaces between my words.

Death in a graveyard

For every life I lost here
between the silent graves
for every little part of me
some evil pervert craves
for every cry and tortured scream
that cut like sharpened blades
for fear felt for a lifetime
that never ever fades
for all the years you’ve taken
apologies left unspoken
I want yours in return
I want to see you
twisted and broken
and left in hell to burn
only then, when you are gone
when no trace of you remains
may I float into a peaceful sleep
amid the downy feathered seeds
under weeping sweeping rains.