She doesn’t ask for gratitude

she doesn’t ask for recognition

she bears all our sorrow

so tenderly

with no harsh word

of blame or judgement

she wipes away our childish tears

and hushes our weeping

with a gentle touch

she carries each of us

in her heart

knowing our pain

and weakness

reaching a hand

to steady us

when we stumble

loving our vulnerability

while we sleep

she gathers the tears

from our lashes

to wash the hate

from our souls

so that one day

we too may fly.


The sadness of angels


The sadness of angels

is beyond our understanding

they walk beside us

through our darkest days

and then they are gone

bearing away all our pain

and as they rise

a little sadness

falls back to earth

as raindrops

and the breeze

is the softness of their wings

tenderly touching

our upturned faces.