Some nightmares are real

How quiet are the footsteps
creeping into my room
How gentle the hands
that lift me from my bed
How soft the voices
that hush my frightened cries
How soothing the motion of the car
taking me far from home

So cold the night
so pale the moonlight
on my bare skin
so brutal the torture
inflicted on my tiny body
shattering my mind
into a thousand pieces

How gentle the hands
that wash away the blood
and dress me in my nightgown
How welcome the sleep
given in a glass of bitter potion
I wake alone in my bed
cold and afraid
Go back to sleep little one
it was just a nightmare.


The tunnel

I don’t remember this place

and yet my whole body knows it.

My skin remembers the intense cold

and my muscles remember shivering.

My nose remembers the damp mouldy smell

and my eyes remember total darkness.

My hands remember the damp roughness of brick

and my feet remember shuffling.

My ears remember echoed voices

and my brain remembers the terror.

I don’t remember this place

but I think you do.

Why did you never tell me

that you brought me here?