Night walking

Black fog drifts gently around me
as I walk the endless night
My feet plod a steady rhythm
on the smooth black tarmac
the only sound to break the stillness.
As long as I keep walking
I feel nothing,
no fear, no pain,
the monotonous march
soothes me
like sleepwalking.
There is nothing to see,
nothing to hear
in this featureless void,
nothing to trigger my senses
into panicked flight.
I stare, unblinking,
at my clockwork feet,
the road a dark river
flowing ceaselessly beneath
their perpetual motion
and I keep walking.


I watch the silent moon

rising from the

desolate depths

of an eternal sea

I see in the silver light

her footsteps in the sand

walking away behind me

a path I cannot follow

she is gone

and only I remain

I tried to call out to her

but my voice was drowned

in the rushing tide

and she did not turn

I am alone now

but not lonely

for a million stars

shine softly in my hair

and the ceaseless rhythmic

breathing of the waves

soothes me to sleep.