The woods in autumn rain

Inspired by

Nothing stirs, nothing moves
in the still damp air
green leaves turning
to silent shades of brown
hanging lifeless from
lonely reaching branches
tears dripping down on soft earth
sparkle, then drown
in dark pools of sombre sky
smoke from a distant fire
drifts through the hushed wood
invisible and invasive
as a memory
I stand alone beneath the grieving trees
joined in sadness.

Ode to a dying rose

Your life is so short
just a few summer months
and in that time
you have thirsted beneath the burning sun
and bowed your head to the beating rain
For all your life you have been
slowly dying
decaying and fading
but in the torn lace
and fraying linen layers
of your now fragile petals
I still see your beauty.

The giants that hold up the sky


Trees are solid and dependable

you can lean on them

and they won’t fall over

they lift you up in their branches

up to the sky

where you can see all the world

like a bird in the air

you can tell your secrets

to the trees

they will not give them away

you can trust them

they will not break like people

they are strong

and sheltering

hidden in their branches

nothing can hurt you here

they hide the frightened

among their leaves

or burrowed down in their roots

and when all the world

comes crashing down on you

they are the giants

that hold up the sky