Tears at daybreak

Alone in the darkness
eagerly awake
no need for pretence
or the smiles that you fake
surrendering yourself to
the truth that you make
from worn out memories
and a tarnished keepsake
the night is your harbour
freedom no one can take
but dawn’s cold glow sparkles
with tears at daybreak

The giants that hold up the sky


Trees are solid and dependable

you can lean on them

and they won’t fall over

they lift you up in their branches

up to the sky

where you can see all the world

like a bird in the air

you can tell your secrets

to the trees

they will not give them away

you can trust them

they will not break like people

they are strong

and sheltering

hidden in their branches

nothing can hurt you here

they hide the frightened

among their leaves

or burrowed down in their roots

and when all the world

comes crashing down on you

they are the giants

that hold up the sky



I live behind a locked door

in self imposed exile,

my room is my world

and if I stretch out my arms

I can almost reach

from one bare wall to the other.

Within these familiar boundaries

my books, with their words that stretch

the confines of my phobic solitude,

occupy the small places

behind the chair

and under the table

and on the threadbare rug

in the centre

is just enough space to dance.