Pouring Out

You break down all my defences

I don’t know how you do that

or is it that I let you?

Emotion gathers like high tide

surging over all barriers

flooding my face with

unstoppable tears

that mingle with the rain

as I pour out a deluge

of the forbidden

and the unknowable,

the secret festering truths

that stop my breath,

drowning, heaving, gasping,

I look to the rushing clouds

and for a moment I see

that high beyond the storm

the sky is blue.


(Image from Pixabay)




Do my  words lead you
into the dark realms
where night is my only reality
and the waking world,
just a dream?
The past is more alive in me
than any kind words you may give,
your smiles cannot penetrate
the clouded mists of time.
Will you leave this bright day
and come with me?
I can never leave
this place of darkness
but I draw for you
a path of words
to connect you to me.