I didn’t see it coming

no alarm or warning sign

nothing around me has changed

the sky is still blue

and the sun is still shining

but something has shifted

subtly, silently, softly

the past brushes by like

feathers sending shivers

down my skin

alert now, I look for

the wings that touched me

but see only a shadow

of a memory

cast across my mind

momentarily blocking the sun

like a stray cloud in the blue

casts an uneasy reminder

of rain.



Urban still life


Berries burned and shrivelled
half buried in ash,
their fate touches me.
Once plump and ripe, now
stripped from the branch
and left to die
without ever reaching
their life purpose,
they can bear no seeds now,
and the only reason…
…they were just in the way
of a random act of violence.
It frightens me
how suddenly and unexpectedly
life ends.